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Generic use of chef providers in mcollective

This post follows my previous one, dealing with the reuse of chef providers of chef in mcollective.

Reusing chef providers in mcollective

It has been quite calm for a couple of months here. I have switched job, it explains why I had less time to post some things.

Mcollective + Cluster SSH

Just a little script that enables you to launch a cluster ssh based on mcollective discovery capacities.

STOMP-ed nagios

Basing more and more stuff on mcollective means relying more and more on one of its underlying components : the activeMQ middleware, and more precisely the stomp connector.

Monitoring puppet trough mcollective

I recently switched from puppet daemon to mcollective commander : it kicks the “stuck in outer space puppet daemon” feature out of the way and brings me nice features (as load control).

SVN agent for Mcollective

Most people that work with puppet use a VCS : subversion, git, CVS, mercurial… Pick yours.