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Monitoring puppet trough mcollective

I recently switched from puppet daemon to mcollective commander : it kicks the “stuck in outer space puppet daemon” feature out of the way and brings me nice features (as load control).

SVN agent for Mcollective

Most people that work with puppet use a VCS : subversion, git, CVS, mercurial… Pick yours.

A pkgin provider for puppet

On my Solaris machines at $WORK I use iMil‘s pkgin to install additional software. But until today, I add to do it by hand, on every machine… Not really what I like to do after a little more than a year using puppet.

When puppet meets nginx

At $WORK I started using Nginx a while ago, first as a front end to my mongrel instances for puppet.

Put your ruby in my ERB

Today I started installing a reverse proxy at $WORK. I choose to follow this way, and all my DNS data is stored in my CMDB.

Puppet & munin : little things added

Disclaimer : this work is mostly based upon DavidS work, available on his git repo. In the scope of my work I needed to have munin support for freeBSD & Solaris.