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M{ongo,collective,oar !}

In my last post I’ve been talking about mcollective (check the new website) and mongo and how awesome it is.

A new brick in my infrastructure

If you read this blog you may know I daily use puppet at $WORK. Puppet is made to maintain configuration on machines, but not for one shot actions.

Mcollective & Xen : naughty things

I already blogged about my experiments with mcollective & xen but I had something a little bigger in my mind.

When puppet meets nginx

At $WORK I started using Nginx a while ago, first as a front end to my mongrel instances for puppet.

Solaris fnu

à $WORK je réinstalle des Solaris 10, et il y a des petits trucs qui font que l’environnement n’est pas directement convivial, surtout quand on a l’habitude d’une debian où il y a mass wrappers.

La poupée agile

Il y a des trucs, ça relève du bon sens mais on y pense pas toujours.